Brewery Slaghmuylder

since 1860


Two guys on Beer

August 2009

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Brewery Slagmuylder on Belgium National Television

August 2009

In 10 episodes, Ray Cokes and Jean Blaute provides an insight in Belgium beer-culture.

Episode 8 tells about the move from “Trappist beers” to “abbey beers”, where the Witkap is the predecessor of the Abbey beers (or the first beer of high fermentation not brewed into a monastery).

See also a short film of the episode Canvas

Label of “tourisme for Ninove”

March 2007

The brewery received the label for bringing a positive image of Ninove to the world.


New York Times:

September 2005

In the ranking of best beers of the world ha the Witkap·Pater Tripel a honorable 8th place.

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Brewery Slaghmuylder is a unique family company that builds on a rich tradition.

The brewery Slaghmuylder was founded in 1860 by Emmanuel Slaghmuylder, who until then grain trader was. The last part of the name “muylder” means a miller.