Brewery Slaghmuylder

since 1860


Brewery Slagmuylder on Belgium National Television

August 2009

In 10 episodes, Ray Cokes and Jean Blaute provides an insight in Belgium beer-culture.

Episode 8 tells abouth the move from “Trappist beers” to “abbay beers”, where the Witkap is the predisessor of the Abbay beers (or the first beer of high fermentation not brewed into a monastery).

See also a short film of the episode Canvas

Label of “tourisme for Ninove”

March 2007

The brewery recieved the label for bringing a positive image of Ninove to the wolrd.


New York Times:

September 2005

In the ranking of best beers of the world ha the Witkap·Pater Tripel a honorable 8th place.

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Brewery Slaghmuylder is a unique family company that builds on a rich tradition.

The brewery Slaghmuylder was founded in 1860 by Emmanuel Slaghmuylder, that to then grain trader was. The last indicates part of the name “muylder”, as it happens, on miller.